bug in `tty: BKL pushdown'?

From: Johannes Weiner
Date: Sat May 17 2008 - 22:17:10 EST


git-bisect thinks that 04f378b198da233ca0aca341b113dc6579d46123 broke my
screen setup on the console in the following way:

I run ncurses applications like less and emacs in a screen session.

Since the above mentioned commit, a detach from screen followed by a
reattach (screen -r or by unlocking the screen session after lock),
these programs behave weird. Emacs does display mode-line updates in
the next line each time which makes the screen scroll off. This
behaviour is with vga=normal.

On vga=791, the breakage _toggles_ between detach-reattach cycles.
I.e. emacs breaks after the first detach-reattach and works properly
again after the second one.

I have yet to test a current kernel version with this patch reverted
because I am too sleepy right now to solve the conflicts.

If you need further information to debug this, please let me know.

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