Re: [PATCH] remove double indirection on tlb parameter tofree_pgd_range() & Co

From: Benjamin Herrenschmidt
Date: Sat May 17 2008 - 11:29:03 EST

On Fri, 2008-05-16 at 15:39 +0100, Hugh Dickins wrote:
> We'd several of us like to rework the mmu_gathering so as not to
> disable
> preemption: I got stuck and BenH took over, a patch much like yours
> below
> was a part of what I had - I too was glad to get rid of the **s.

Yup. I took over and somewhat froze.. I have some stuff partially done
(and that actually works) that changes the batching, moving it away from
per-cpu and improving the latency situation but I wasn't to happy with
some aspects of the resulting patches, and finally got pulled on various
other things, so this work took the dust.

I can try to dig my stuff out when I'm back from travelling, in a week
or so, if there is some interest. I was thinking about looking at it
again anyway.


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