Re: Top kernel oopses/warnings for the week of May 16th 2008

From: Arjan van de Ven
Date: Sat May 17 2008 - 10:57:44 EST

Andrea Arcangeli wrote:
The reason I touched that code, is that a change introduced during
2.6.25-rc initialized the isa dma pool even if not necessary and that
broke the reserved-ram patch that requires no __GFP_DMA
allocations. There was no crash in 2.6.24 based kernels, the
regression started in 2.6.25-rc.

I'd not really call "breaks external patch" a regression ;)

What we really ought to be doing is always initialize the pool, from
the right process context. However, we need to make it such that we
can detect that there is zero __GFP_DMA memory in the system, and bail
out in that case. Doing it on-demand is just not going to fly; by that
time it's just too late (the pool may have been eaten already, the context
might be nasty to do allocations from etc etc).

the sata_nv driver has to do it on finding a cdrom; afaik it has something
like a different DMA mask for disks and cdroms, and it scales down once you
insert a CD.

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