From: Steven Rostedt
Date: Fri May 16 2008 - 20:59:42 EST

We are pleased to announce (after a long delay) the tree, which can be
downloaded from the location:


Information on the RT patch can be found at:


Changes since

- ported to

- Move update_wall_time back to interrupt (Thomas Gleixner)

- cache pci_find_capability (Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo)

- Removal of printks from ftrace max hits (Steven Rostedt)

- send NMI after nmi_show_regs (Hiroshi Shimamoto)

- return true for NMI handler (Hiroshi Shimamoto)

- NMI for irq_show_regs_callback (Hiroshi Shimamoto)

- wait for finish show_regs before panic (Hiroshi Shimamoto)

- avoid deadlock related swap_lock (Hiroshi Shimamoto)

- Shorten softirq thread names (Peter Zijlstra)

- push RT tasks after newly activated (Gregory Haskins)

- GCC 4.3 kernel linker error (Carsten Emde)

- Kconfig trace histogram typo fix (Carsten Emde)

to build a tree, the following patches should be applied:


***** NOTE ******

We are currently working hard to get 2.6.25.x-rt1 out the door. Seems
that some of the new code with respect to sched_clock and sched_rt
groups has broken the RT patch. When this is resolved, we will push out
a 2.6.25.x-rt1. Sorry for any inconvenience.

***** NOTE *****

And like always, my RT version of Matt Mackall's ketchup will get this
for you nicely:


The broken out patches are also available.

-- Steve

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