Re: [PATCH] drivers/net: remove network drivers' last few uses of IRQF_SAMPLE_RANDOM

From: Lennart Sorensen
Date: Fri May 16 2008 - 14:41:56 EST

On Fri, May 16, 2008 at 07:11:25PM +0100, Alan Cox wrote:
> If they don't need that level of security they can use /dev/urandom.
> Piping network randomness into /dev/urandom is probably quite sensible
> but not into /dev/random.

Well it isn't that things liks ssh and ssl and such don't need that
level of security, but if there is no way to get it you have to go for
the best you can get. Fortunately it seems hardware RNG is becoming
more common on embedded CPUs.

Len Sorensen
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