Re: [PATCH] PCI: Correct last two HP entries in the bfsort whitelist

From: Jesse Barnes
Date: Fri May 16 2008 - 13:30:17 EST

On Thursday, May 15, 2008 3:23 pm Tony Camuso wrote:
> Alan Cox wrote:
> > This is going to make everyone with those boxes who upgrades suddenely
> > get their devices re-ordered and renamed when the probe order changes.
> > That seems extremely inappropriate.
> >
> > Alan
> HP maintains that more of our customers, especially new customers,
> will be adversely affected by NOT implementing this patch for the
> following reasons.
> 1. HP issued a Customer Advisory for existing customers to use "pci=bfsort"
> in the boot command for these systems. Customers using pci=bfsort in
> their boot scripts will be unaffected by this patch.
> 2. Customers using only the two embedded NI devices will be unaffected.
> 3. Because of the use of labels for disk devices, they are unaffected.
> 4. New customers who must add pci=bfsort to their boot scripts have
> expressed dissatisfaction.
> The only time this patch would induce any confusion for an existing
> customer is upon the convergence of the following situations.
> 1. The user has not followed the instructions in the release notes
> for the DL360 and DL380,
> 2. The user has added NI cards to the option slots,
> 3. The user upgrades his kernel.

Ok, I'll put it in linux-next for now then. It would be good to hear some
feedback from users about it though...

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