Re: [PATCH] modules: Use a better scheme for refcounting

From: Mike Travis
Date: Fri May 16 2008 - 09:41:53 EST

Eric Dumazet wrote:
> Rusty Russell a écrit :
>> Hi Eric,
>> I like this patch! The plan was always to create a proper dynamic
>> per-cpu
>> allocator which used the normal per-cpu offsets, but I think module
>> refcounts
>> are worthwhile as a special case.
>> Any chance I can ask you look at the issue of full dynamic per-cpu
>> allocation? The problem of allocating memory which is laid out precisely
>> as the original per-cpu alloc is vexing on NUMA, and probably requires
>> reserving virtual address space and remapping into it, but the rewards
>> would be maximally-efficient per-cpu accessors, and getting rid of that
>> boutique allocator in module.c.
> You mean using alloc_percpu() ? Problem is that current implementation
> is expensive, since it is using
> an extra array of pointers (struct percpu_data). On x86_64, that means
> at least a 200% space increase
> over the solution of using 4 bytes in the static percpu zone. We
> probably can change this to dynamic
> per-cpu as soon as Mike or Christopher finish their work on new dynamic
> per-cpu implementation ?

Yes, the zero-based percpu variables followed by the cpu_alloc patch should
provide this and shrink the code quite well, including in some cases removing
locking requirements (because the resultant instructions will be atomic.)

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