Re: [2.6.23-rc8-mm2] System hangs (loops?) during boot

From: Udo A. Steinberg
Date: Sun Sep 30 2007 - 18:01:00 EST

On Sun, 30 Sep 2007 23:50:29 +0200 Frans Pop (FP) wrote:

FP> I'm not sure what you mean. I fetched the branch I think you referred to
FP> [1], but when I did a merge of that on top of v2.6.23-rc8-mm2 I
FP> got "Already up-to-date", so AFAICT that branch is fully merged into mm
FP> and I'm already running with you latest code...
FP> Please correct me if I'm doing anything wrong.

I was suggesting to download 2.6.23-rc8 and applying the -hrt patchset at
on top of it.

That excludes all the extra stuff in -mm and should give us a good hint
whether HPET is really at fault.


- Udo

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