[ANNOUNCE] qgit-2.0

From: Marco Costalba
Date: Sun Sep 30 2007 - 03:13:55 EST

This is the final qgit-2.0

With qgit you will be able to browse revision histories, view patch content
and changed files, graphically following different development branches.

git 1.5.3 or better is required, Qt 4.3 or better is required.


- View revisions, diffs, files history, files annotation, archive tree.

- Commit changes visually cherry picking modified files.

- Apply or format patch series from selected commits, drag and
drop commits between two instances of qgit.

- Associate commands sequences, scripts and anything else executable
to a custom action. Actions can be run from menu and corresponding
output is grabbed by a terminal window.

- qgit implements a GUI for the most common StGIT commands like push/pop
and apply/format patches. You can also create new patches or refresh
current top one using the same semantics of git commit, i.e. cherry
picking single modified files.


This is the final public release of the shining new qgit 2.0 based on
the shining new Qt 4.3 libraries.

All the features of the stable series have been ported. In addition this
new release sports a better GUI both on visually side and on usability side.

Annotation code is much improved in speed and in power, as example
now follows file renames, try it on any git tree file to see a real example.

A new and much improved repository browsing experience is now possible,
in particular you don't need to switch to patch tab to view diff
content anymore. Patch information, together with patch description,
is shown in bottom left pane.

Finally, qgit works natively under Windows due to Qt 4.3 libraries.

The detailed list of changes is very long and interested people can
read from public qgit repository.

Although there are a lot of new features code is considered stable due
to have been very long in 'rc' state.

You can download the tarball from

or clone the public git repository at

Please, check the shipped README for detailed build and install information.

Have fun
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