IT8716F SPI driver submission?

From: Carl-Daniel Hailfinger
Date: Sat Sep 29 2007 - 09:43:58 EST


I have written a rough code skeleton to be able to use the ITE IT8716F
Super I/O chip as SPI host/master. The code works fine in userspace, but
the Linux kernel SPI framework looks like it could save me from
implementing full support for SPI flash clients/slaves. That's why I'd
like to rewrite my code in a manner that's suitable for kernel inclusion.

The IT8716F accepts commands byte-wise and does all of the lifting on
the SPI bus as well. There are limitations, though:
- It can send 1,2,4,5 bytes (including command byte) to the slave and
read 0,1,2,3 bytes back. Other values are not possible.
- Bus clock rate is either 33 MHz or 16.5 MHz.

Is there any driver I can start from as reference?

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