Re: [PATCH] sb1250-mac: Driver model & phylib update

From: Jeff Garzik
Date: Sat Sep 29 2007 - 01:16:27 EST

Maciej W. Rozycki wrote:
A driver model and phylib update. It includes the following changes:

1. Removal of unused module options.

2. Phylib support and the resulting removal of generic bits for handling
the PHY.

3. Proper reserving of device resources and using ioremap()ped handles
to access MAC registers rather than platform-specific macros.

4. Handling of the device using the driver model.

Signed-off-by: Maciej W. Rozycki <macro@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
This is a resubmission and this patch has waited for some time now as the original submission triggered some concerns on the way phylib handled interrupt-driven PHY units. The issues were resolved a while ago already, but I was distracted by some other work, mainly in the toolchain area, so this got postponed this far. For some background information -- as a reminder -- here is the original long explanation I gave back then:

"Here is a set of patches that update the sb1250-mac driver used for the onchip Gigabit Ethernet interfaces of the Broadcom SiByte family of SOCs including the BCM1250 and a couple of other members. These are used, among others, on various Broadcom evaluation boards together with Broadcom Gigabit Ethernet PHY chips. Changes include porting the driver to the driver model as a platform device, support for phylib, including the BCM54xx PHYs in the interrupt mode, proper resource managment and a couple of minor clean-ups.

Apart from changes to networking code, there are a few required in the
architecture-specific areas and therefore I am sending these changes to
Ralf and the linux-mips list as well. It might also involve a few more
interested parties in the discussion.

The changes were tested with a Broadcom SWARM board, which includes a
BCM1250 part which has 3 MAC units on chip, of which 2 are usable, with
BCM5421 PHY chips attached (both wired to the same interrupt line, which
made testing whether IRQ sharing works properly in phylib possible).
Link partners included a 1000base and a 100base interface doing
autonegotiation as well as a 10base one doing none.

Other Broadcom boards that I know of may have these or BCM5411 or BCM5461
chips. The lack of documentation or at least actual pieces of hardware
makes the use of interrupts impossible for all but the SWARM, the Sentosa
and the Shorty (with the latter unsupported by Linux)."

All the bits except from the mentioned architecture-specific fix -- the firmware of the SWARM gets the polarity of the PHY IRQ line wrong, which has to be reprogrammed in the SOC -- have found their way into Linux already. The polarity fix is not critical for the update provided here as the update has been written such that with the current state of affairs the driver will use the polled mode of phylib operation.

I will provide the architecture-specific fix later on, probably once this update has propagated back to the tree (suggestions as to why I should do otherwise certainly welcome). This way if any problems are seen due to the switch of the PHY to the interrupt-driven mode, they can be sorted out independently of this change.

This change applies to the current netdev-2.6.git#upstream tree, on top of "patch-netdev-2.6.23-rc6-20070920-sb1250-mac-typedef-9" submitted yesterday.

Please apply.



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