Re: [PATCH] binfmt_flat: minimum support for the Blackfin relocations

From: Bernd Schmidt
Date: Fri Sep 28 2007 - 19:49:23 EST

Andrew Morton wrote:
if (rev > OLD_FLAT_VERSION) {
+ unsigned long persistent = 0;

`persistent' here only has meaning inside the next nesting level, so should
be moved down into that scope for readability reasons.

See below.

+ if (flat_set_persistent (relval, &persistent))
+ continue;

If this correct? flat_set_persistent() returns zero if it didn't write
anything to `persistent'. It seems strange that in the case where
flat_set_persistent() _does_ write something to `persistent', we just throw
it away by doing `continue'.

Either that, or I've misread the code and you really did mean to put
`persistent' in the outer scope, and its value is supposed to propagate
over into the next iteration of the loop. If so, that's all a bit too
tricky for it to be implemented with zero code comments, dontcha think?

The latter. We need to be able to use more data than we can fit into a single reloc, so we store a value with one reloc and reuse it with the next. There'd be no point in having this function otherwise since you could perform whatever needs to be done in flat_get_relocate_addr.

This seemed fairly obvious at the time... when you're familiar with the flat format, the loop isn't all that hard to understand. I'll add comments in the next version.

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