Re: [ofa-general] [PATCH v3] iw_cxgb3: Support"iwarp-only"interfacestoavoid 4-tuple conflicts.

From: Steve Wise
Date: Fri Sep 28 2007 - 17:27:22 EST

Kanevsky, Arkady wrote:
it forces the burden on administrator.
And one will be forced to try one mount for iWARP and it does not
work issue another one TCP or UDP if it fails.

I see your point. I have no defense. My hands have been tied on fixing this properly...

And server will need to listen on different IP address and simple
* will not work since it will need to listen in two different domains.

No, the server will listen on for TCP, and for rdma. The rdma subsystem will translate into listens on specific iwarp ip addresses on every iwarp device...

Had we run this proposal by administrators?

There has been no other solution proposed that Dave Miller and Jeff Garzik won't NAK...

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