Re: General slowness with using 64Gb HIGHMEM option on 32-bit kernel

From: Chuck Ebbert
Date: Fri Sep 28 2007 - 13:46:24 EST

On 09/28/2007 01:15 PM, Sergey Popov wrote:
> Short description: after recompiling 32-bit kernel with 64Gb highmem
> support and rebooting into it, OS started working very much slower
> then before.
> Specifications: Intel Core 2 Duo E6600@2,4Ghz on Intel i965Q-based
> motherboard. 6Gb of DDR2 RAM, 2x1Gb+2x2Gb, dual-channel.
> Vector Linux 5.8 (Slackware Linux 11-based), kernel.
> Long description: after recompiling 32-bit kernel with 64Gb
> highmem option and rebooting into it, booting process froze on udevd.
> After booting up from CD and disabling rc.udev, system started, but
> it's work after rc.M script sarted was 5-10 times slower then usual.
> top showed, that processes are taking much more CPU% time then usual.
> I tried downloading the newest stable kernel - - hoping, that
> it would solve the problem. I downloaded it, booted from CD, and
> compiled it with 64Gb highmem support. I felt some speed improvement,
> but if on machine performed like P166, now it is working like
> P2-350.
> I've found a similar problem, described on lkml -
> . But, unfortunately, it is x86_64
> related and contains no clues for me.
> Moving to 64-bit distro is rather unpleasant - as there is an option
> in 32-bit kernel, it should work ;) .
> What tests should I run to help investigate this problem?

Boot with option "mem=3900M".
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