Re: [PATCH] update to version 0.10

From: Joel Schopp
Date: Fri Sep 28 2007 - 11:50:49 EST

The only question is whether this should default to on. You are voting
off. I personally think on.

Andrew? Randy? Joel?

The main audience of this is new contributors, who should have more verbose output, including nitpicky things like multiple assignments per line. The default should target them. More advanced users can certainly use a flag that says "give me only the real errors".

It might be a good idea to have three levels.

Only with better names. --really-picky would be default, but would only include tests that have a very very high ratio of hits to false positives, but would still call out things like multiple assignments per line. --really-errors we could call the Igno level. --really-experimental would call out all issues, even on checks that generate a fair number of false positives.


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