Re: [RFC] New kernel-message logging API (take 2)

From: Jan Engelhardt
Date: Fri Sep 28 2007 - 05:45:50 EST

On Sep 27 2007 23:18, Vegard Nossum wrote:
> * kprint_<level>() is better than kprint(<level), ) because in the
> case of the default log-level, the argument can be omitted.
> * Memory allocated for entries and arguments is done in a ring-buffer
> with variable-sized chunks. Arguments are chained with a singly-
> linked list.
> * Rename kprint buffers to kprint blocks

This is overall, quite a lot. I suggest one-thing-at-a-time,
starting with kprint_<level>() that is compiled out if desired
and no fancy block or newline stuff.

_Then_, will see how it flies. All of this smells like a bit of
overdesigning, aka
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