Re: More E820 brokenness

From: H. Peter Anvin
Date: Thu Sep 27 2007 - 18:47:50 EST

Jordan Crouse wrote:
> Breaks on the Geode - original behavior.
> I think that having boot_prams.e820_entries != 0 makes the kernel
> assume the e820 data is correct.

Okay, now I'm utterly baffled how 2.6.22 ever worked on this Geode,
because this, to the best of my reading, mimics the 2.6.22 behavior
exactly. DID IT REALLY, and/or did you make any kind of configuration

>> I want to emphasize that this is seriously broken. Using a partial e820
>> map could have disastrous results, since the kernel will have partial
>> memory map information and not know about reserved areas, etc. Part of
>> me feels that the right thing to do is what the current git kernel does
>> -- either fall back to e801, or stop and error.
> I'm inclined to agree.

Arguably the right thing to do is to find the responsible BIOS engineer
and shoot them, but that's hard to do without robotics.


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