From: Steven Rostedt
Date: Wed Sep 26 2007 - 16:57:20 EST

We are pleased to announce the 2.6.23-rc8-rt1 tree, which can be
downloaded from the new location:


Changes since 2.6.23-rc4-rt1

- update to -rc8

- A bunch of PowerPC stuff (Tony Breeds)
- rearrange thread flags
- count_active_rt_tasks fix
- match __rw_yield declaration
- unsigned long flags
- removed flush_tlb_pending

- alternate node alloc fix (Andi Kleen)

- fix compiling of timer code in !PREEMPT_RT (Andi Kleen)

- convert i_alloc_sem to compat_rw_semaphore (Steven Rostedt)

- don't let RT rw_semaphores do non_owner (Steven Rostedt)

- kill the union in s_files (Peter Zijlstra)

- Sched sum less than zero prevention (Luis Claudio)

- nmi_watchdog hpet (David Bahi)

- call_rcu_bh rename (Steven Rostedt)

Work in progress (to be included soon):

- CFS-scheduler updates
- high res timers updates
- PowerPC high res timers

to build a 2.6.23-rc8-rt1 tree, the following patches should be applied:


The broken out patches are also available.

-- Steve

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