Re: Chroot bug

From: linux-os \(Dick Johnson\)
Date: Wed Sep 26 2007 - 09:19:10 EST

On Wed, 26 Sep 2007, David Newall wrote:

> Olivier Galibert wrote:
>> chroot does not allow you to walk out if you're in.
> You're mistaken. Or more properly, further use of chroot lets you walk
> out. This really has been said before, and before, and before.
> chroot("subtree"); // enter chroot
> chdir("/"); // now at subtree
> chroot("/tmp"); // now outside of chroot
> BSD redefined chroot so that the working directory is set to the new
> root on subsequent uses of chroot; that's how they solved the bug.

I don't know that the so-called requirements are, but if you
have a distribution tree mounted on /mnt and you perform the
following operations:

cd /mnt
chroot . bin/bash

That shell, will not leave the new root until it exits or
executes `chroot`. I've tried the "tricks" about mounting
/proc and changing to 'cwd' of init, etc. However, your
new root needs to NOT have the chroot utility available
and/or the system call needs to be removed or trapped
in the runtime library of the new root, because, quite
obviously, a root process can do anything it wants.
That's how Unix was designed. So, if you don't want
somebody to get out of your 'jail' don't provide
the keys. It's clearly not a kernel issue.

Dick Johnson
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