Re: Chroot bug

From: David Newall
Date: Wed Sep 26 2007 - 06:24:29 EST

Alan Cox wrote:
Good call. Though I suppose, since it's used 24x7 to aid security on countless production servers, that security dwarfs testing. Still, debugging, yes that's valid.

I don't suppose it makes and difference; whatever the purpose, a chroot that doesn't change the root is buggy.

It does change the root, it just doesn't guarantee you can't change it
back - which is correct POSIX, Unix, SuS behaviour. So either everyone
else is wrong or you are.. I know who I am betting on

Charming. They really say that, do they? Where? I find no such thing, and I looked. I did find Open Groups SuS which, similar to SCO's UNIX, says:
The dot-dot entry in the root directory is interpreted to mean the root directory itself. Thus, dot-dot cannot be used to access files outside the subtree rooted at the root directory.

I feel I've presented a good case that that it's a bug. You made a somewhat rude counter-claim, which I don't ascribe to malevolence. You're simply disinterested. Nobody else cares, so why expend effort on it, right? I'll let it drop, but it is a bug.
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