Re: [PATCHSET 4/4] sysfs: implement new features

From: Greg KH
Date: Tue Sep 25 2007 - 18:50:35 EST

On Thu, Sep 20, 2007 at 05:31:37PM +0900, Tejun Heo wrote:
> Hello, all.
> This is the fourth patchset of four sysfs update patchset series[1]
> and to be applied on top of the third patchset[2].
> This patchset implements the following new features.
> * Notify pollers on file deactivation.

This looks nice.

> * Name-formatting for symlinks. e.g. symlink pointing to
> /dira/dirb/leaf can be named as "symlink:%1-%0" and it will show up
> as "symlink:dirb-leaf". This only applies when new interface is
> used.

Is this really necessary? It looks like we are adding a "special" type
of parser here that no one uses.

> * Autoremoval of symlinks when target is removed. This only applies
> when new interface is used.


> * Autorenaming of symlinks according to the name format string when
> target or one of its ancestors is renamed or moved. This only
> applies when new interface is used.


> * Plugged operations. Sysfs users can plug top node and build subtree
> gradually without revealing the process to userland. When subtree
> is fully constructed, the top node can be unplugged and userland
> will see completely built subtree appearing at once. If subtree
> creation fails in the process, the whole subtree can be removed by
> simply removing the top node. There won't be any userland
> noticeable event. This is to be combined with uevent_suppress
> mechanism of driver model.

Hm, but why? Can't we do this today with the attribute groups?

> * Batch error handling. A plugged node accumulates any error
> condition occurring below it and can return the first error when
> asked. Also, all interface functions accepth ERR_PTR() value as
> sysfs_dirent parameter. This means that constructs like the
> following can be used to replace the current group interface.
> <<-- code -->>
> group = sysfs_add_dir(parent, "group_name", 0777 | SYSFS_PLUGGED, NULL);
> sysfs_add_file(group, "file0", 0777, file0_ops, file0_data);
> sysfs_add_file(group, "file1", 0777, file1_ops, file1_data);
> ...
> sysfs_add_file(group, "fileN", 0777, fileN_ops, fileN_data);
> rc = sysfs_check_batch_error(group);
> if (rc) {
> sysfs_remove(group);
> return rc;
> }
> sysfs_unplug(group);
> return 0;
> <<-- end of code -->>
> The above will create a subdirectory "group_name" which contains N
> files and show them atomically to userland or remove them without
> letting userland notice if any failure happens. This will simplify
> sysfs users quite a bit (not only for groups, other stuff too).

I'm still not sold on why this is needed. It looks like a lot of extra
work for something that we are already handling.


greg k-h
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