[PATCH 0/1] x86: Convert cpuinfo_x86 array to a per_cpu array v3

From: travis
Date: Mon Sep 24 2007 - 17:09:15 EST

v3: fix compile errors in arch-i386-allmodconfig build

v2: rebasing on 2.6.23-rc6-mm1

Analyzing various data structures when NR_CPU count is raised
to 4096 shows the following arrays over 128k. If the maximum
number of cpus are not installed (about 99.99% of the time),
then a large percentage of this memory is wasted.
151289856 CALNDATA irq_desc
135530496 RMDATATA irq_cfg
3145728 CALNDATA cpu_data
2101248 BSS irq_lists
2097152 RMDATATA cpu_sibling_map
2097152 RMDATATA cpu_core_map
1575936 BSS irq_2_pin
1050624 BSS irq_timer_state
614400 INITDATA early_node_map
525376 PERCPU per_cpu__kstat
524608 DATA unix_proto
524608 DATA udpv6_prot
524608 DATA udplitev6_prot
524608 DATA udplite_prot
524608 DATA udp_prot
524608 DATA tcpv6_prot
524608 DATA tcp_prot
524608 DATA rawv6_prot
524608 DATA raw_prot
524608 DATA packet_proto
524608 DATA netlink_proto
524288 BSS cpu_devices
524288 BSS boot_pageset
524288 CALNDATA boot_cpu_pda
262144 RMDATATA node_to_cpumask
262144 BSS __log_buf
131072 BSS entries

cpu_sibling_map and cpu_core_map have been taken care of in
a prior patch. This patch deals with the cpu_data array of
cpuinfo_x86 structs. The model that was used in sparc64
architecture was adopted for x86.

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