Re: [AppArmor 39/45] AppArmor: Profile loading and manipulation,pathname matching

From: James Morris
Date: Fri Jun 15 2007 - 21:47:15 EST

On Fri, 15 Jun 2007, Seth Arnold wrote:

> > How does inotify not work here? You are notified that the tree is
> > moved, your daemon goes through and relabels things as needed. In the
> > meantime, before the re-label happens, you might have the wrong label on
> > things, but "somehow" SELinux already handles this, so I think you
> > should be fine.
> SELinux does not relabel files when containing directories move, so it
> is not a problem they've chosen to face.

It's a deliberate design choice, and follows traditional Unix security
logic. DAC permissions don't change on every file in the subtree when you
mv directories, either.

- James
James Morris
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