Re: [AppArmor 39/45] AppArmor: Profile loading and manipulation,pathname matching

From: James Morris
Date: Fri Jun 15 2007 - 21:22:20 EST

On Fri, 15 Jun 2007, Greg KH wrote:

> Oh great, then things like source code control systems would have no
> problems with new files being created under them, or renaming whole
> trees.

It depends -- I think we may be talking about different things.

If you're using inotify to watch for new files and kick something in
userspace to relabel them, it could take a while to relabel a lot of
files, although there are likely some gains to be had from parallel
relabeling which we've not explored.

What I was saying is that you can use traditional SELinux labeling policy
underneath that to ensure that there is always a safe label on each file
before it is relabeled from userspace.

> So, so much for the "it's going to be too slow re-labeling everything"
> issue, as it's not even required for almost all situations :)

You could probably get an idea of the cost by running something like:

$ time find /usr/src/linux | xargs setfattr -n -v bar

On my system, it takes about 1.2 seconds to label a fully checked out
kernel source tree with ~23,000 files in this manner, on a stock standard
ext3 filesystem with a SATA drive.

- James
James Morris
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