Re: Help needed: Partitioned software raid > 2TB

From: Jan Engelhardt
Date: Fri Jun 15 2007 - 12:26:03 EST

On Jun 15 2007 16:03, Christian Schmidt wrote:
>Hi Andi,
>Andi Kleen wrote:
>> Christian Schmidt <lkml@xxxxxxxxx> writes:
>>> Where is the inherent limit? The partitioning software, or partitioning
>>> all by itself?
>> DOS style partitioning don't support more than 2TB. You either need
>> to use EFI partitions (e.g. using parted) or LVM. Since parted's
>> user interface is not good for much more than serving
>> as a bad example I would recommend LVM.

parted's interface is no worse than that of [sfc]disk. Anyway...

>Thanks for the clarification. I didn't use LVM on the device on purpose,
>as root on LVM requires initrd (which I strongly dislike as
>yet-another-point-of-failure). As LVM is on the large partition anyway
>I'll just add the second partition for now, and change the system setup
>with the next drive migration. Maybe linux even supports root-on-lvm
>natively until then ;)

Uh, it does. By means of initrd/ramfs image. Blame your distro if it still
can't do root-on-LVM, there is at least one who can.

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