Re: [PATCH 04/10] i386: clean up bzImage generation

From: H. Peter Anvin
Date: Fri Jun 15 2007 - 12:21:16 EST

Jeremy Fitzhardinge wrote:
> -setup_move_size: .word 0x8000 # size to move, when setup is not
> +setup_move_size: .word _setup_size # size to move, when setup is not
> # loaded at 0x90000. We will move setup
> # to 0x90000 then just before jumping
> # into the kernel. However, only the

This is WRONG and will break 2.00 protocol bootloaders, if any still
exist, and quite possibly some 2.01 protocol bootloaders. There are
definitiely bootloaders in the field that rely on this implicit value.

> @@ -246,7 +246,6 @@ setup2:
> jnz 1f
> movw $0xfffc, %sp # Make sure we're not zero
> 1: movzwl %sp, %esp # Clear upper half of %esp
> - sti

Motivation, please?


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