Re: spurious completions during NCQ?

From: Massimiliano Hofer
Date: Fri Jun 15 2007 - 04:01:24 EST

On Friday 8 June 2007, Alan Cox wrote:

> > Model Number: HITACHI HTS541680J9SA00
> > Serial Number: SB******I57L4A
> This one is already blacklisted in the windows drivers.

I have the same problem with this drive (shipped with a Thinkpad Z61m):

Model Number: HITACHI HTS541612J9SA00
Firmware Revision: SBDIC7JP

It reported several dozen spurious completions over a few days, but I can't
find any corruption. Is it really dangerous? I understand this clearly is a
firmware bug, but I'm not sure how to interpret the drive behavior.
I can perform any test you like, if you find it useful.

Massimiliano Hofer
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