Re: ext2 on flash memory

From: Tomasz Chmielewski
Date: Thu Jun 14 2007 - 17:41:32 EST

Jan Knutar wrote:

On Wednesday 13 June 2007 16:48, DervishD wrote:
But anyway the memory should last long. Even cheap flash memories
with poor wear leveling (if any at all) usually long last. Given that
I won't be writing continuously, wear shouldn't be a problem. I'm
going to use this as a backup copy of my home. Of course, I can use a
tarball too...

I did a test on my kingston datatraveler recently, I didn't expect it to survive, but it did. I put reiserfs on it, and copied 394M of data in 200,000 files to it. Reiserfs was sloooow at writing, the device was probably doing alot of work. ext2 was about 10X faster, but there was hardly any free space left at all at the end :)

Considering it surived ReiserFS, I suspect it would last ages with ext2, especially for your backup purposes.

I have a couple of years old USB stick, which was used for swap, and for compiling stuff natively on some small mipsel devices, and generally moving files back and forth a lot (ext3 + noatime).

Still, it works just fine.

Tomasz Chmielewski

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