Re: libertas (private) ioctls vs. nl80211

From: Holger Schurig
Date: Thu Jun 14 2007 - 16:37:10 EST

> Independent of any nl80211 status the private libertas ioctls have to
> go. Not only don't we want private ioctls for mesh networking but
> rather have it as driver-independent interface, but the actual
> libertas interface is the worst possible choice.

I have been told that the Libertas mesh functionality is not 802.11s,
Marvell brew their own beer (because it predates 802.11s, I guess).
However, for the kernel I'd see more an interface that supports
802.11s --- or is flexible to support both this and the libertas one.

I also have two related observations:

If I'm correctt, the only non-mesh ioctl in ioctl.c is the led_gpio
ioctl. Theoretically one can abstract this, many WLAN chips have GPIOs.
But mostly there is no documentation available about how those GPIOs
are used, where they are soldered to etc. To blindly allow changing
arbitrary GPIOs migth even be harmful to the hardware.

That said: with the USB 8388 dongle that I have, the LED GPIO iwpriv
call didn't do anything. Not sure if it works on OLPC ... but I doubt
that one can see the LEDs there ...

Another thing: I'm working on a CF 8385 based driver. Here I have a
firmware that does not (as far as I know this undocumented pile of
bytes) have any mesh functionality at all. So I need a way from if_cs.c
to disable all those iwpriv ioctls. Haven't thought about this issue
yet, other things are more pressing right now. However, I already don't
create the mshX interface.

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