Re: [patch] sched: accurate user accounting

From: Vassili Karpov
Date: Thu Jun 14 2007 - 14:57:38 EST

Hello Ingo and others,

After reading and noticing few refernces
to accounting i decided to give CFS a try. With sched-cfs-v2.6.21.4-16
i get pretty weird results, it seems like scheduler is dead set on trying
to move the processes to different CPUs/cores all the time. And with hog
(manually tweaking the amount iterations) i get fairly strange resuls,
first of all the process is split between two cores, secondly while
integral load provided by the kernel looks correct, it's off by good
20 percent on each idividial core.


Thought this information might be of some interest.

P.S. How come the /proc/stat information is much closer to reality now?
Something like what Con Kolivas suggested was added to sched.c?

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