Re: /dev/loop* devices not appearing in /dev (at least since2.6.22-rc3*)

From: markus reichelt
Date: Thu Jun 14 2007 - 11:47:18 EST

* Paolo Ornati <ornati@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> So with this patch "max_loop=32" will create 32 loop devices... but
> then it doesn't allow more of them.

Well, that's what a max_ parameter implies ;p

A manually set limit of loop devices is ok with me. (32 was just an
example -- After all, I could have chosen 256 just to annoy some
people :-)

And with the recent hype of creating things when needed, or even
recycling already used ones (sdx), I worry that this impacts
stability or even usability as a whole. (yes, it's a -rc release ...)

I'll be staying with 2.6.20.x for a year or so. Get the newly
introduced bugs squashed before they have a chance to bug me, heh ;P

PS: Just wondering: Who came up with this "on-demand" hype?
left blank, right bald

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