Re: [RFC/PATCH] Documentation of kernel messages

From: holzheu
Date: Thu Jun 14 2007 - 11:26:13 EST

On Thu, 2007-06-14 at 14:26 +0200, Jan Kara wrote:


> > But maybe also 4 bytes would be enough, since the hash only has to be
> > unique within one component e.g. "hub".
> It depends how large components you expect. For example for 10000
> messages there is already 1% probability of collision so it means sooner or
> later we are going to hit it... For 1000 messages the probability is
> roughly 0.1% which is still not so small that I'd be comfortable with it.

I wouldn't expect, that a "normal" component like a device driver will
have more than 100 documented messages.

Collisions are ugly, but will not hurt much. The operator will see for a
message two possible descriptions. Normally it should be possible to
figure out manually which description is the right one.


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