Re: [PATCH 1/5] Add the explanation and sample of RapidIO DTS sector to the document of booting-without-of.txt file.

From: Kumar Gala
Date: Thu Jun 14 2007 - 01:53:17 EST

Some silicons of Freescale processor are the same RapidIO controller,
such as mpc8540/mpc8560 are the same (v0.0), mpc8548/mpc8641 are the
same (v1.0). For v1.0 RapidIO controller, should we use mpc8548 or
mpc8641? Those will make people confused.

Not at all. On an 8641 it could be

compatible = "fsl,mpc8641-rapidio" "fsl,mpc8548-rapidio";

which states "this is the 8641 thing and it is compatible
to the 8548 thing". Perfectly clear.

The concern is this isn't just compatible = "..8641.." "..8548.." but something like:

"..8641.." "..8641d.." "..8548.." "..8548e.." "..8543.." "..8543e.." "..8572.." "..8572e.." "..8567.." "..8567e.." "..8568.." "..8568e.."

Using IP Block Revision is a
clear choice.

I don't think so. For one thing, it describes a version of
a cell design, not a version of an actual device. For another
thing, if I hear "8641" I know what you're talking about (sort
of, anyway), but I draw a blank stare if you say "v1.0". I'm
sure I'm not the only one. Concrete names are good.

While I agree concrete names are good, we put these 'blocks' in so many devices that using the device to match on is pointless.

I'm all for making up a name like 'Grande', 'Del', 'Janeiro'. This is effective what we did with gianfar. The name gets picked up pretty quickly by people.

- k
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