Re: [KJ] [PATCH] drivers/acpi: sizeof/sizeof array size calculations replaced with ARRAY_SIZE

From: Andi Drebes
Date: Wed Jun 13 2007 - 17:22:24 EST

> You found the right one. The ACPI CA in Linux is really the same
> as the one from Intel. Len integrates the Intel one into Linux
> periodically. He uses scripts or something to format it so it looks
> more like Linux.
Ok. That's what I thought so far.

> I think Len sometimes takes patches against the "Linux-ized" ACPI CA.
> He probably has to apply those by hand to the Intel one, which is
> the real "upstream" in this case. So it might be a bit easier for
> him if you generated a diff against the Intel version.
OK. I will do this in the next time.

> In any event, you want to end up with one patch, not two.
Ok. I thought of two patches because I didn't know how strong
the sources from the ACPI CA are modified.

> You probably would have to add something like:
> #ifndef ARRAY_SIZE
> #define ARRAY_SIZE(x) ...
> #endif
> somewhere in the ACPI CA header files. That way it will work in
> non-Linux OSes as well.

Thanks so far,
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