Re: ext2 on flash memory

From: DervishD
Date: Wed Jun 13 2007 - 08:45:30 EST

Hi Bernd :)

* Bernd Eckenfels <ecki@xxxxxxxxxxxx> dixit:
> In article <11f674920706111735l7dec2136t32d40ee2ab4ccca4@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> you wrote:
> > All of the posts fail to address the question here: what is the
> > correct file system, or does one exist yet, for wear leveling flash
> > storage. JFFS2 and logfs are nice for MTD, but for better flash
> > memories that are likely to be used in the future like solid state
> > hard disks, what is the answer?
> FAT - you can stick it into Windows Boxes on the road.

But then you lose the UNIX metadata. What if you want to keep the
UID/GID and mode (and any other metadata information, for that matter)?

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