Re: ipw3945 driver in recent -mm kernels

From: Pavel Machek
Date: Wed Jun 13 2007 - 06:52:59 EST


> Forgot to include changes outside of drivers/net/wireless/mac80211/iwlwifi/
> Zhu Yi is the maintainer for the iwlwifi driver (Cc: on this email)


> >>
> >> be listed as a maintainer?
> >>
> >> Kconfig mentions...
> >>
> >> See <file:Documentation/networking/README.iwlwifi> for
> >> information on the capabilities currently enabled in this
> >> driver and for tips for debugging issues and problems.
> We'll remove that from the Kconfig until we get the document updated
> to reflect the current status.

Actually, It is probably better to just include the docs.

(I'll test the patch now).

(cesky, pictures)
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