Re: beeping patch for debugging acpi sleep

From: Pavel Machek
Date: Wed Jun 13 2007 - 04:25:10 EST


> > > Wouldn't it be much more useful if it was unconditionally compiled in
> > > and controlled instead by a sysfs entry? That way it will be far more
> > > useful to $user who doesn't know or want to know how to compile and
> > > install a kernel, but wants to do what they can to get provide helpful
> > > debugging info and perhaps even get it going.
> >
> > I like this idea.
> >
> > > Yes, Pavel, I'll supply a patch if you (plural) agree.
> >
> > I agree. :-)
> Ok. I'll take Pavel's silence as agreement too. I'll be a little slow
> (as usual, nowadays!), but will try to get it done next week. I think I
> can in clear conscience do it on Redhat time if I don't manage it
> beforehand.

Well, everyone wants it so what can I do... Stefan basically posted 3
liner to do that, and that one will probably work... so just test it.

Oh, and please keep the macro, so it can be moved around .S file for
finding out where it crashes.
(cesky, pictures)
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