RE: raid5: coding style cleanup / refactor

From: Williams, Dan J
Date: Tue Jun 12 2007 - 17:33:07 EST

> From: Andrew Morton [mailto:akpm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
> Unfortunately these cleanups get into a huge fight with your very own
> git-md-accel.patch:
Yes, you missed the note that said:

Note, I have not rebased git-md-accel yet. While that is
happening I
wanted to have this patch out for review.

> I assume that you're prepared to repair all that damage to your tree,
> it seems a bit masochistic?

It's either this or have an inconsistent coding style throughout
raid5.c. I figure it is worth it to have reduced code duplication
between raid5 and raid6, and it makes it easier to add new cache
features going forward. I have a few more cleanups to add for a rev2 of
this patch, but I will hold that off until the rebase is done.

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