Re: libata passthru: support PIO multi commands

From: Jeff Garzik
Date: Mon Jun 11 2007 - 20:09:39 EST

Alan Cox wrote:
+ if (is_multi_taskfile(tf)) {
+ unsigned int multi_count = 1 << (cdb[1] >> 5);
+ /* compare the passed through multi_count
+ * with the cached multi_count of libata
+ */
+ if (multi_count != dev->multi_count)
+ ata_dev_printk(dev, KERN_WARNING,
+ "invalid multi_count %u ignored\n",
+ multi_count);
+ }

What limits log spamming here ?

Intelligence of the user with privs?

Also shouldn't we error this
situation not proceed and hope that enough data was supplied not
to leave us stuck half way through a command having made a nasty
mess on disk ?

Is that English? Can you be more specific and more clear?


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