Re: Kernel BUG when using corrupted ext3 fs

From: Eric Sandeen
Date: Mon Jun 11 2007 - 16:08:56 EST

Karl Pickett wrote:
> I had to hard shutdown a fc6 machine due to vmware and nvidia doing
> ridiculous things to my screen resolution and locking up. ugh.
> Anyway, upon reboot it recovers the journal and mounts / rw fine.
> Then rc.sysinit tries to delete various things from /tmp (.ICE-unix,
> .font stuff, etc), kernel shows a BUG, and boot stops. Booting from a
> fc7 live cd and trying to mount /dev/sda2 rw and delete /tmp/* also
> causes a BUG. This dump is from fc7:


The corrupted orphan inode list bug I fixed,;a=commit;h=2988a7740dc0dd9a0cb56576e8fe1d777dff0db3

is in that fc7 kernel, so that's probably not it (though your fc6 kernel
probably didn't have that fix) (it's related to link & unlink racing)

Perhaps this could be related to Vasily's issue w/ bad_inodes not
getting removed from the list ?

[RFC PATCH ext3/ext4] orphan list corruption due bad inode

I haven't looked at all the ways we could get bad inodes on the orphan
inode list, and not properly removed...

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