Re: [PATCH] pata_it821x: sync with IDE it821x driver

From: Alan Cox
Date: Sun Jun 10 2007 - 13:38:57 EST

> > NAK this too
> OK, I'm able to understand the meaning of "NAK" [1] but "this too"?

That was me being confusing with something else I NAKked that wasn't
from you. It may have made sense to Jeff but not you - sorry

> PIO fix was directly ported from my it821x.c patch. I now see that thanks
> to it821x_passthru_dev_select() it is not really needeed in pata_it821x.c.

I don't think its needed but if we see problems with some drive mixes its
worth further debug. One nice thing about libata is the qc interfaces
make it possibly to do clock switches very cleanly.

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