2.6.22-rc regression: s2ram fails to suspend + fails to resume w/Xorg

From: Soeren Sonnenburg
Date: Sun Jun 10 2007 - 12:44:20 EST

Dear all,

I noticed 2 regressions to 2.6.21.X on my macbook pro:

1. on git-current something broke s2ram completely, i.e. s2ram does not
even suspend anymore but hangs (blinking cursor on console)

2. while on -rc3 s2ram is putting the machine to sleep and even makes it
reliably come back under console, it fails miserably *to resume* when I
am in X. as this is a ATI binary only X driver (no binary module
loaded!) I am now not sure whether this report is worth anything. but
yes it works even with the fglrx module loaded in 2.6.21.X ...

any ideas / things to try ?

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