Re: [patch 7/8] fdmap v2 - implement sys_socket2

From: Matt Mackall
Date: Sat Jun 09 2007 - 17:43:05 EST

On Sat, Jun 09, 2007 at 01:31:56PM -0700, Davide Libenzi wrote:
> On Sat, 9 Jun 2007, Linus Torvalds wrote:
> > So I think both the FD_CLOEXEC _and_ the "private fd space" are real
> > issues. I don't agree with the "random fd" approach. I'd much rather have
> > a non-random setup for the nonlinear ones (it just shouldn't be linear).
> That is fine for me. So what about the randomness?
> A) Don't do it at all
> B) Let userspace select it in some way globally
> C) Let userspace select it per-fd (this won't be an O(1) anymore though)

It should be handled the same way that VMA layout randomness is
handled. There are multiple knobs including ELF markers and /proc

Mathematics is the supreme nostalgia of our time.
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