Re: networking busted in current -git ???

From: Trond Myklebust
Date: Sat Jun 09 2007 - 11:06:45 EST

On Fri, 2007-06-08 at 19:06 -0700, David Miller wrote:
> From: Trond Myklebust <trond.myklebust@xxxxxxxxxx>
> Date: Fri, 08 Jun 2007 17:43:27 -0400
> > It is not dhcp. I'm seeing the same bug with bog-standard ifup with a
> > static address on an FC-6 machine.
> >
> > It appears to be something in the latest dump from davem to Linus, but I
> > haven't yet had time to identify what.
> Linus's current tree should have this fixed.
> Let us know if this is not the case.

It appears to be working for me again.


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