Re: libata and legacy ide pcmcia failure

From: Mark Lord
Date: Fri Jun 08 2007 - 18:11:21 EST

Robert de Rooy wrote:
Mark Lord wrote:
I still don't see much evidence that interrupts are actually functioning here.
It would be good to see /proc/interrupts before/after libata tries to talk to it.

Let's assume for the moment that interrupts are b0rken.
The legacy IDE driver can talk to such devices completely without interrupts,
if the IDE polling patch (below) is applied.

So, Robert: could you try again with the old IDE driver,
except apply this patch to it first? This will give valuable info.

I tried the patch, but a get a kernel panic on boot with it. I can try to get a screenshot of it tomorrow.

Oh crap. I did test it a couple of months ago, but my boot/root drive
is libata not IDE -- so no panic on boot with it. After booting, it worked
just fine talking to PC-CARD CF devices using the polling.

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