Re: [ckrm-tech] [PATCH 00/10] Containers(V10): Generic Process Containers

From: Serge E. Hallyn
Date: Fri Jun 08 2007 - 15:43:08 EST

Quoting Paul Menage (menage@xxxxxxxxxx):
> On 6/8/07, Serge E. Hallyn <serue@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> >
> >I do fear that that could become a maintenance nightmare. For instance
> >right now there's the call to fsnotify_mkdir(). Other such hooks might
> >be placed at vfs_mkdir, which we'd then likely want to have placed in
> >our container_mkdir() and container_clone() fns. And of course
> >may_create() is static inline in fs/namei.c. It's trivial, but still if
> >it changes we'd want to change the version in kernel/container.c as
> >well.
> Do we need to actually need to respect may_create() in
> container_clone()? I guess it would provide a way for root to control
> which processes could unshare namespaces.
> >
> >What would be the main advantage of doing it this way? Do you consider
> >the extra subys->auto_setup() hook to be avoidable bloat?
> >
> I was thinking that it would be nice to be able to atomically set up
> the resources in the new container at the point when it's created
> rather than later. But I guess this way can work too. Can we call it
> something like "clone()" rather than "auto_setup()"?
> Paul

clone() implies it does the actual cloning, so how about post_clone()
as in the patch below?

I'm still not saying I'm entirely opposed to moving the vfs_mkdir logic
straight into container_clone() - it's more that I would expect other
people to object when they saw that. So if you decide you don't like
the end result with this patch, let me know and I'll give that a shot.

Paul (Jackson), is this comment added in cpusets close enough to what
you were asking for?