Re: [patch 00/32] 2.6.20-stable review

From: Chris Wright
Date: Fri Jun 08 2007 - 11:46:23 EST

* Fortier,Vincent [Montreal] (Vincent.Fortier1@xxxxxxxx) wrote:
> I have encoutered a bug using fixdep when compiling the Apani VPN
> contivity client v3.3 (v3.5 seems fine). The bug started happening with
> the release of the 2948 build of FC6 kernel (corresponding to a post
> and caused fixdep to segfault. This has been fixed in 2.6.21.
> I tried to trigger the bug using the 2.6.21 patch (thnx to the raw ouput
> option in and it really seems to resolve the problem.
> The original commit:
> The fix:
> Could it be included in this new stable release of 2.6.20 ?

That patch is actually in this review cycle. If you want to grab the
roll-up patch and test, that would be great.{gz,bz2}

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