Re: [i2c] i2c module aliases

From: Geert Uytterhoeven
Date: Fri Jun 08 2007 - 10:48:57 EST

On Fri, 8 Jun 2007, Jean Delvare wrote:
> On Thu, 7 Jun 2007 09:02:14 -0700, Greg KH wrote:
> > On Thu, Jun 07, 2007 at 05:53:42PM +0200, Jean Delvare wrote:
> > > Looks correct. However I am curious what this "i2c->id" is supposed to
> > > represent, given that I2C devices do not have any form of ID as PCI or
> > > USB devices have. No driver uses "MODULE_DEVICE_TABLE(i2c, ...)"
> > > probably just because it doesn't make sense. So, rather than fixing
> > > this, shouldn't we simply wipe out struct i2c_device_id? Greg, David?
> >
> > If no one is using it, then yes, it should be removed.
> >
> > Sorry, I added it a while ago thinking it was going to be used (I had
> > test patches using it in my tree, but they never worked out in the end.)
> OK. Geert, care to submit a new patch removing struct i2c_device_id
> altogether?

Sorry, probably not...

I just thought I found a grave bug while looking into adding zorro
support to scripts/mod/file2alias.c, so that's why I reported it.



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