Re: [ckrm-tech] [PATCH 00/10] Containers(V10): Generic Process Containers

From: Serge E. Hallyn
Date: Fri Jun 08 2007 - 10:33:13 EST

Quoting Paul Jackson (pj@xxxxxxx):
> > > The set of people using exclusive cpusets is roughly some subset of
> > > those running multiple, cpuset isolated, non-cooperating jobs on big
> > > iron, usually with the aid of a batch scheduler.
> >
> > Unfortunately I would imagine these users to be very intereseted in
> > providing checkpoint/restart/migrate functionality.
> Yup - such customers are very interested in checkpoint, restart, and
> migrate functionality.
> > Surely if the admin wants to give cpus 5-6 exclusively to /cpusets/set0/set4
> > later, those cpus can just be taken away from set3?
> Yeah - that works, so far as I know (which isn't all that far ..')
> But both:
> 1) that (using whatever cpus are still available) and
> 2) my other idea, of not allowing any cloning of cpusets with
> exclusive siblings at all,
> looked a little ugly to me.
> For example, such customers as above would not appreciate having their
> checkpoint/restart/migrate fail in any case where there weren't spare
> non-exclusive cpus, which for users of the exclusive flag, is often the
> more common case.
> My rule of thumb when doing ugly stuff is to constrain it as best
> I can -- minimize what it allows. This led me to prefer (2) above
> over (1) above.
> Perhaps there's a better way to think of this ... When we clone
> like this for checkpoint/restart/migrate functionality, perhaps
> we are not really starting up a new, separate, competing job that
> should have its resources isolated and separated from the original.

Depends on whether the cpus are allocated to a customer or to a job.

For the most part I would expect any job to be restart either on a
different machine, or at a different time, but of course it doesn't have
to be that way.

> Perhaps instead we are firing up a convenient alter-ego of the
> original job, which will be co-operatively using the same resources
> by default. If that's the normal case, then it seems wrong to
> force the clone onto disjoint CPUs, or fail for lack thereof.
> So perhaps we should refine the meaning of 'exclusive', from:
> - no overlapping siblings
> to:
> - no overlapping siblings other than clones of ones self.

I'm not sure that clones of self will happen often enough to make a
special case for them :)

Anyway the patch I sent is simple enough, and if users end up demanding
the ability to better deal with exclusive cpusets, the patch will be
simple enough to extend by changing cpuset_auto_setup(), so let's
stick with that patch since it's your preference (IIUC).

> Then default to cloning right on the same CPU resources as the
> original, possibly with both original and clone marked exclusive.

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