Re: BUG-lockdep and freeze (was: Arrr! Linux 2.6.18) II

From: Andi Kleen
Date: Sat Sep 30 2006 - 18:09:54 EST

> BTW again let me repeat this particular issue wasn't in the unwinder
> itself, but just in the fallback-to-old code which didn't do enough
> sanity checks. So you can say it's not the new unwinder that
> crashed, but the old one here. I'll add more.

I double checked this now. This case Eric ran into should be already
fixed by a patch from Jan that went in before 2.6.18 even.

He just ran with an old kernel (2.6.18-rc3) that didn't have
that particular fix.

Still the kernel stack termination is probably a good idea. I think
(haven't tested) the current 2.6.18-git* code with termination
wouldn't have crashed, but reported a (incorrect) stuck.

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